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EYP Photo of the Year

Explain the EYP in one picture from 2019!

It's the season again to collect the best pictures of the entire EYP year. Dig into your archives, maybe you can be the one to win the award!

Upload a file using the field in Question 1. Please use a common picture format. You can upload as many pictures as you want: just go back after you submit and repeat.

The International Office will put a selection of the submitted photos on Facebook, where the EYP community can vote for the best EYP picture of 2019.

The winner will receive a €100 travel grant to an EYP event of his or her choice.

Please upload only pictures from 2019, taken at EYP events, and only pictures you have taken yourself - or else note the person who took the picture.

Please only upload pictures without watermarks!

If you have any questions or if the upload does not work, please contact us at the International Office: info@eyp.org

Deadline is December 16th 2019.

Please upload your photo here! The file size can be up to 5MB. Please upload photos without watermarks. *

Please, before uploading the picture remember to re-name it under the convention:
EYP_session_year_photographer's name

What activity does this picture show? *

At which EYP event was this picture taken? *

If there is any additional information about the picture, please enter it here.

Please enter your name *

Your National Committee *

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By clicking "Submit", you allow the International Office of the European Youth Parliament at the Schwarzkopf Foundation to use your photo (e.g. in promotional material, in the Annual Report, on the webpages www.eyp.org; www.schwarzkopf-stiftung.de).